Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Why do people call...

and only let the phone ring like 4 times?  

Twice today I have attempted to answer the phone and ended up getting the dial tone because I didn't make it there in time do these people not realize that people sleep or are slow to move sometimes.

For that matter why do I even bother to attempt to answer the phone?

Its always falls into one of these Categories:
A.The telemarketer who won't stop talking long enough so you can be kind and tell them your not interested or don't have money versus being rude and hanging the phone up in there ear.
B.The creditor whose calling for the boyfriend or the boyfriends friends or family
C.The reference call that is calling for the same as B
D.The school friend call that is for one of my kids that is not home.
E.The relative call for a person who is not home(namely my boyfriend)usually wanting something fixed for nothing or to borrow something or for me to pick their side of an argument(namely my sisters and I'm the neutral party I don't know why they bother).
F. The school nurse(which is sadly probably the only call worth answering)calling to ask permission to administer Tylenol to one of my 3 at home children(to whom I've told that I didn't care that she didn't have to call for that that is was ok for like forever)or something else which has been switched to emails since I've given her that address.

So Therein Lies This Question Why do I run to the phone?
Do I still live in this dream world where there will actually be a meaningful conversation for me over a telephone line?  Maybe I could find a useful recycling project for all my phones. That would free my boyfriends ear from this device and thus actually give us 5 whole minutes a week together. Then I think again. Neah. I'll just enjoy the 5 minutes like I always do.
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UPDATE: I think it has since become easier to avoid such hassles to read up on how you can avoid being called unnecessarily check out.

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