Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Too long of a day

mmmhmm just another day
the day is way too 
brains oo oo
all shuffled like mahjongg
fighting the migraine
no no more naps
kicking the rabid dog for my scraps
must maintain 
the energy
sipping the sugary syrup
searching to be free
yes just another day
more friggin bills to pay
too long of a day
more over life your in my way
the wand grabs the mage
shakes him takes him
shows him my rage
dont you know silly tool
the world is my page
I will flip you
and you will engage
march the to beat of the trumpet
and get lost with me
to the middle of the jungle
where the lion moos
and the bananas bruise the monkeys
Where Eve met Adam 
and the apple bit the worm
and Norm's quite the nothing
Haven't you heard?
we begin at the end again
Time to crawl under the covers and get

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