Sunday, November 18, 2007

Word of the day – Luck

I’m going to pare this way down to:
English Irish German Dutch Chinese and Japanese Spanish Latin and Vietnamese on the translations unless I get requests for others.
English Irish German Dutch : Because that’s my heritage
Chinese: Because it’s part of my sons heritage and it’s a root language for
Japanese: which I'm learning so I can read their magazines and because it’s so different from here.
Spanish: Because 3 kids in the family are trying to learn it.
Vietnamese: For a friend who knows some of it.
Latin: Because some languages use it as their root language my main focus is learning japanese right now so it will lead the way.

Good luck

きっとかつ-kitto katsu-good luck- wiki says:you will surely win/honyaku says:surely I win/babelfish says Certainly and man are they messed up or what!
kitto katto- -you will surely miss the cut
あなたは、きっと勝ちます =you will surely win in
幸 lucky ko こ
倖 luck ko こ
運 luck un うン
屹度(きっと, kitto)surely
幸運 lucky luck=good luck/koun (using the translator on
よい運 youn/good luck(using the translator on
屹度幸運/ kitto koun /surely I am lucky
きっと、あなたは幸運です。/Surely you will be lucky. (Which is what I was trying to say all along!)
How to wish people good fortune in the other languages of focus.
Chinese: (Mandarin)祝你好運 (zhù nǐ háoyùn)
Chinese: (Teochew)祝福 (jok4 hok4)
Chinese: trad.祝你好運
Chinese: simpl.祝你好运(zhù nǐ hǎoyùn)
DutchSucces! Veel geluk!
Gaelic (Irish)Go n-éirí an t-ádh leat! Ádh mór ort!
German:Viel Glück! Alles Gute!
German (Hessian)Veel Glück!
Japanese:ご幸運を祈ります! (gokoūn o inorimasu),幸運を祈る(kōun o inoru)
Latin:Bona fortuna!
Spanish:¡Buena suerte!,suerte!
Swedish:Lycka till!
Vietnamese:Chúc may mắn!
Punjabi:(shubh ichavaan)

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