Monday, June 11, 2007

Goodbye Bob – I want your Job

That pretty much says it doesn't it . We will all dearly miss Bob but sadly at the same time I want his job I wanted to go out there on my birthday thursday after next and actually ask him if I could have his job when he quit oddly enough he retires before I get the chance what are the odds…
Nifty reasons why I think I would make the next good host
1. My daughter dreads it.
2. Our Initials are Both BB so they wouldn't have to change as much :)
3. I'm as old as the show.The last show airs 6 days before my 35th birthday. The First Show was recorded 2 months after I was born.
4. I would let Bob come back and play golf anytime he wanted to visit :)
5. I can give the same hints to what the answer on the game that the contestants never catch onto. And root for the contestants to win.
6. I would let them reach in my pocket to get the $500 I wouldn't care what the feminists say I am a feminist.
7. I would still remind the country to spay and neuter their pets.
8. I would help the little old ladies that get to spin the wheel to spin the wheel. And help the ones who can’t remember what numbers they’ve already written in the game.
9. My hair is growing in snow white and I would let it be pure white once it all turns that color.
10. I would encourage the producers to have male models to present the prizes as well.
I’m sure we all could come up with more for why I'd make a “great new” Host.

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