Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Here’s a good question if ebay and paypal are one company or one owned by the other why fee’s in the beginning middle and end why not just a % at the end and free listings with upgrades costing something? I mean a $1 item lets assume that part of that dollar is .39 to send it in an envelope in the mail That leaves 61 cents say the persons smart they had it in their store 6 cents for listing and of course it wont sell without a gallery pic leaves .55 then .0525 Final Value Fee when it sells leaves .4975 Then they pay with a credit card on paypal 2.9% plus .30 cents! Leaves this sad seller with .1685 assuming they paid a nickel for their item they then have left .1185 Oh and we forgot the cost of the envelope .0296 leaves .0889 oh and of course the price of the store $15.95 leaves -15.8611 (Including the minimum wage per hour to pay someone to stuff the envelopes in Ohio $6.85 makes it -$22.71) so in order for this dollar store business person to make just one $1 They would have to sell 267 items. Ebay/Paypal However Makes $133.8305

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