Monday, September 18, 2006

First Payment from Pay per clicking

(oz. troy)
Current Value* in
USD – US $
NOTE: These are cleared balances; available for spending or redemption.
* Your e-metal balance is accounted by weight.  Equivalent current fiat values are displayed for reference only, and will fluctuate.  The equivalent fiat values are calculated according to the exchange rates e-gold Ltd. displays.
2 Cents From
Total Amount:$0.04 USD

Date:Sep. 18, 2006
Time:05:59:26 PDT

Seller Protection Policy:Ineligible
Custom Note:No2AllMails Member Payment

Apparently I’m on a roll
What the banner ad doesn't say random payouts that’s what the 4 cents is a random out of the blue payout just for visiting!

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