Friday, August 18, 2006

We can both make some money

Step 1
Let me start off by saying that this would be a good use for that hotmail account that is already full of spam anyhow Hehe I do not suggest signing up using your favorite yahoo account and that’s coming from someone who pays for a larger one!
Step 2
Setup a way for them to pay you.
I thought there wasn’t a referal for benefit link it’s vague as to what I get other than I’m the originator and ya’ll will be my “progenies”
I get a percentage on this one.
Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.
and these two.
Perfect Ingredients for a PTR!
10 Cent Sign-up Bonus! 
$5 PayOut! 
1/2 Cent Ref. Bonus! 
1 Referral Level 8%! 
No Searches! 
No Weekend Emails! 
No Turning Numbers! 
All Cash!~No Points! 
Contest PTC’s & Contest Emails! 
Mystery Word! & Word Scramble! 
Trivia & Free Recipes! 
Monthly Click Contest! 
Honest & Responsive Webmistress! 
Signup Bonuses*:
Referral Bonuses**:
Mailings Read:

  • My balance: $0
  • Group balance: $0
  • Pending cash: $0
  • PrizePoints: 0
  • User Status: Good
in mind that I’ve been inactive .39

Step 3 Have Fun Making money and surfing!!
Grammas Country Kitchen
Name:Grammas Country Kitchen
Earned to Date:$ 2.6545
Paid To Date $2.78 
Paid Links Worth 1/10th¢ to 1¢! click there and join when you make money off the site so do I!! it looks like a good site so far I’ve made .75

Details: This one has 3 cent emails that you click it opens a window and you click another link and then you get paid the fastest of the 3 cent paid emails I think This one is $10 payout so if just one person signed up and got to $10 I would too. now its $30 Have $19 to go.

Details: $5 to Sign up, $3 for direct referrals and $1 for indirect referrals
$5.02 Earned to Date
If nothing else sign up for this above one and click the referral Center to learn how to place Ads online so far I’ve made $5 when my sister makes $25 then I make $3 is the premise

Details: $30.00 Earned to Date They say the check is on its way when it shows up I will let you know! This one has tons of offers to sign up for and get paid for doing them. get about 3 emails aday varying from 3 to 5 cents a piece. I can’t believe no one’s signed up for this one this one looks like the one if you know your going to buy stuff online anyhow to check out.
$.01/40 seconds Emails on their site option. $3.00 minimum payout.
$ 0.6200
Go ahead you know you wanna click it!! If half of my 360 people sign up and complete the offers needed to cash out. I will be tied to win the tv for my state.You guys know you wanna give me a plasma for xmas hehehe.
This one shows you an ad page which I get paid for showing you so you guys can click this to death without signing up and I get paid hehe.
Details: .01/45 sec
Earnins to Date:01
I almost forgot about this one.
Details .01/45
Earnings to Date $ 0.4750
Current Earnings keep
another penny per 45 second site the way I’m figuring I can get paid 5 times in a year for this one.


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