Friday, July 21, 2006

To Whom It May Concern Out of My Male Internet Friends

I have finally been pushed to write this informative rant:
1. Do Not Assume That I will talk to you just because you are talking to me.(Example:BUZZ,BUZZ I turn the sound off so I don’t hear it)
2. Do Not Assume That just because I’ve 218+ friends I forget your name after you’ve told it to me repeatedly.(for that matter Do Not assume I don’t notice when you ask the same lame pick up line over and over because you forgot that I look different in every pic I put up so you make a pass that gets you no where again)
3.Do Not Assume That if you fall in love with me or want to move to the US permanently that a marriage proposal from you 5 min after you have met me online will recieve the answer yes.
4.Do Not Assume That I will show you my webcam because you asked (nicely or otherwise)
5.Do Not Assume That I will or have taken more pictures that I will share with you and you only
6.Do Not Assume I will answer any questions that I have already pointed you towards the already posted answers.(Which also doesn’t mean if you do find the answers that you can’t ask something that isn’t posted it just means you might not want the answer LOL)
7.Do Not Assume that because I am not married that I will want to date someone from off the internet.(I might hook you up with my friends if they decide they want to meet someone but they get to pick from you you don’t get to pick the friends that’s another assumption)
8.Do Not Assume that it is ok to call me without asking me online first.(For That Matter Do Not Assume Because you give me your whole life story that I will call or even write an email)
9.Do Not Assume I like Fwd. mail I think it’s a huge waste of time.
10.Do Not Assume I care what size or level of hardness you are(and you know what I mean)because I really don’t
11. Do Not Assume I can reply to your private 360 messages when you have replies blocked and have not added me as a friend.
12. Do Not Assume that I wont test you for the mere fun of it.
Last But Not Least
13. Do Not Assume Anything at all because just when you think you know me I might turn on a dime.

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