Tuesday, June 29, 2004

5 star boredom day.

Definitely my day in a nutshell:
I woke up at 1 PM.
I walked to post office, chatted with my daughters ex-boyfriend for half an hour.
Then I answered the phone twice.
My daughter went to cross-country while I stayed home with her brothers.
My nephew came up and next door neighbor boy came over and all 4 boys played video games.
I picked up the living room.
Then I made the boys take one whole large trashcan full of trash out of their room.
I read 1 or 2 emails out of my hundreds.
I listened to 2 or 3 songs, then I played collapse (I'm addicted I think)
I downloaded free graphics software from MS,but I didn't install it yet.
I downloaded some fonts.
Then I tied my hair up with ribbon.
I surfed for best prices on body jewelry. switched out my bellybutton ring and soaked the rest.
Then I sent the kids to bed.
I noticed it was almost 10 and old man wasn't home yet so I played collapse to wait until was 10.
My old man shows up at 10 on the dot. Then I haggle with the kids some more about going to sleep.
I head downstairs to hear his day and watch him fall asleep on couch.
I come back up stairs try to play "winball" on cartoon network. I have to restart DSL box,so then I give up on CN and check mail again and start on reading some blogs then type this blog hmm man so that's where all my day goes !!!!

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